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Brain training built on science

Our in-house Science team is committed to translating cognitive science into accessible brain training

Efficacy Study

We research Lumosity’s effect on cognitive performance

There have been over 20 peer-reviewed publications in academic journals using Lumosity games or assessments. In one study, our scientists conducted a randomized trial involving 4,715 participants in order to study whether cognitive performance improves after training with Lumosity. The test group trained with Lumosity, while the control group trained using crossword puzzles. Both groups trained five days per week, for fifteen minutes a day.

After ten weeks, the Lumosity group improved in performance across a battery of cognitive assessments. In fact, they improved more than twice as much as the control group did.* More specifically, the Lumosity group showed statistically significant improvements on subtests of working memory, arithmetic reasoning, and processing speed.

*Cohen’s d effect size = 0.255; 95% confidence interval = [0.198, 0.312]

Research about Lumosity brain training and increased cognitive performance.

We studied the effect of Lumosity training on cognitive performance, using crossword puzzles as a control.

Game Design

We design our games to train your cognition

We transform scientific tasks into fun brain games that challenge memory, math, speed, attention, and more.

We started with the scientific task of Multiple Object Tracking and created Playing Koi.



Our scientists research well-known methods of training cognitive abilities like Memory and Attention, adapting tasks or creating our own.



Our Science and Games teams work together to design game mechanics that effectively challenge a particular cognitive ability.


Bring to Life

We create the game, crafting a fun theme and adding features that bring it to life — keeping brain training both fun and challenging.

Research Partners

We support trailblazing cognitive research

We work with over 100 researchers from around the world, partnering with experts on subjects ranging from genetics to chemofog to education.

To our research partners, we provide guidance on data analysis and free access to our tools — helping to advance research in human cognition.

We contribute to science by partnering with researchers
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