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Games for a different kind of flexibility

Practice your ability to quickly switch between tasks in this collection of brain games.

Here at Lumosity, we champion a different kind of flexibility, one that’s made up of multitasking skills like spatial fluency, task switching, and response inhibition. Play our cosmically fun Space Trace — which exercises spatial fluency, and fan-favorite Ebb and Flow — which targets task switching.


In this game, you quickly match tiles according to rules that keep changing.

Ebb and Flow

Shift your focus between two details: where the leaves point and how they move.

Brain Shift

In this game, you will switch between two rules depending on whether the letter-...

Brain Shift Overdrive

Switch into high gear in this advanced version of Brain Shift. Letter-number pai...

Color Match

Color Match is a Flexibility game that challenges the particular skill Response ...

Space Trace

Exercise your spatial fluency by creating as many unique patterns as possible.

Learn more about Flexibility

Flexibility includes task-switching, response inhibition, and spatial fluency — all skills we use in our busy daily lives.

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"I am surprised and delighted by your games. I appreciate the variety and multiplicity of games and the feeling of personalization. The daily workouts are welcome, more fun than push ups, and they make my day go even better."

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Mary, New Jersey

"I really like this app. Lots of great games and it comes with tutorials that help you understand the game. I love the Insights I receive every time I train. It's also nice that I get to choose what to play."

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Rashmi, California